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We're all mad here

I wonder what it feels like to be completely swept off your feet. I wonder what it feels like to have a love like the actors and actresses always have in the movies. The kind where you’re unable to stop smiling every time you hear his or her name. The kind where you know it’s not just one-sided but mutual. Where you could consider him or her your best friend. It’s unrealistic to want this kind of love but I’ll keep on dreaming.

— 1 year ago
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Definitely a good day. Spent some time with my favorite litto bunny @irenechenn, got my first grad gift from friendboy’s mom, and finally got asked out on a date by him! I’m definitely a happy camper.

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I miss you,

In a month and 9 days it will have been one full year. One year since that night we received the bad news. One year since the day I called for the event to take place. Time flies. My school counselor asked why I had changed so much in one year. I didn’t know I had even changed at all. I explained everything to her and broke down in front of a stranger. Even after almost one year I can’t talk about you without hurting. I miss you. I just really wish you were here. I don’t get why of all people it was you. You didn’t deserve that. If anything, it should’ve been me.

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WekFest <3

I can’t wait to meet Elissa Alva <3 I’m going to have her sign like a million things, hehehoho. I feel bad for the people that will be in line behind me muahahaa~ 

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My baby is bad luck,

I’ve gotten three tickets in the past month and I burned my hand on her shift knob today.

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I hate being in a foul mood,

When something ticks me off I like to be alone. If you just leave me alone for a couple minutes I’ll be fine. Life’s too short to be thinking all the time. I’d rather be happy always, even if I have to fake it. Sooner or later that fake smile will become true. It’s all about your mentality.

— 2 years ago
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"Out of your league,"

I don’t believe in this. This quote, commonly used phrase, this idea is just plain stupid. Whether you’re talking about your crush or your friend’s. Deep down everyone is a good person. Sure we all have our flaws, some more obvious than others. Who do you think who you are saying that you’re too good for someone? And what makes you think that someone is too good for you? I don’t know, it’s just a thought.

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Rude people,

Just because you’re having a rough day doesn’t mean you should make it your goal to make everyone suffer as well.

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"It’s just a dog"

Say that again and I swear I’ll make you eat “just that dog“‘s shit. “That dog” knows more about loyalty than you’ll ever know. “That dog” happens to be my best friend. “That dog” has stayed with me when I felt my most vulnerable. “That dog” means more to me than the world. So no he’s not just some dog, he’s family. “That dog” can replace you a million times over, but nothing can replace “that dog”.

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